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All applications for museum membership are considered individually by our trustees. We want to support the best collections in the best way possible so we carefully select those which best fit with our aims.

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Are you a museum or public archive collection?

We exist to support our member museums. The Communication Museum Trust is here to support any collection of communication history now and in the future. Our Individual Members have the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm needed to make this happen but the collections need to be there for them to do this.

The benefits of Museum Membership are:-

  • A strong voice as part of a National group of like-minded museums with a common interest.
  • Access to training events, archives and resources.
  • Access to maintenance services & spares.
  • Promotion of your collection, large or small, via our Web Site and in any other way we can.
  • The opportunity to develop the CMT strategy via upto two representatives on the museum sub-committee.
  • The opportunity to share resources and training with each other.
  • Support in setting up archives, displays, equipment & applying for funding.

Member museums