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Plans for Future Exhibits
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A number of our team have a teaching background, in particular with Science and Design & Technology, both subjects which require special care to deliver safely. We also have programming experience. One of our longer term goals is the running of workshops for young people covering electronics and software development.

Our vision

One of the main reasons for the establishment of The Communications Museum Trust was our vision of what museums could offer in the future if only there was an organisation dedicated to securing finance and delivering it.

Communications technology is constantly evolving at an ever increasing pace, what's current today will be old hat tomorrow. From our first hand experience of talking to visitors we learned that people are as keen to see 'behind the scenes' of modern stuff as they are of the past. In addition there are many topics of past innovations which are scarcely covered by any museum at present. Even technology which has been superseded always contains fundamental principles which are crucial for the next generation of scientists and engineers to understand if they are to be inspired to create our future.

As well as working equipment used in carriers networks which the public don't usually get to see, we are also constructing numerous educational models which help to explain the principles behind such things as fibre optics, packet switching and digital encoding

Inspire The Next

As well as fun yet educational exhibits we are also keen to run training workshops for secondary school & college students on electronics, embedded systems and programming & software development.

Build The Future

Over the coming months we will be developing more concrete plans for a new building, potential sites, and funding and will update this page as our new exhibits and models take shape in the workshop!

One of our educational models (a working 6x scale replica of a telephone dial to demonstrate how the dial works) under construction

This is a card from a DSL street cabinet - those green boxes which provide high speed broadband using VDSL - Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line. The trust has a complete working system in storage.