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At the current time most of our items are in store and not all have been catalogued in the database. We are adding items to both the pyhsical collection as they are offered and are cataloguing items over time. You can search the database below for items that have been catalogued so far.

In addition we have recently started photographing physical items in the database so that you can view a photo of them online in addtion to their description. At the present time few items are photographed as the majority are in long term storage, however as items in the store are accessed they will be photographed

We are also making some of our documents available online to widen access.

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The artefact asset database only contains items intended as 'exhibits'. It does not contain our inventory of spare parts for maintaining exhibits

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Item: 164 Closeup of crossbar shelf (Plessey 5005) at Wood Green SSC Dated Nov 77. Colour print & JPEG in DDA