The UK has a rich communications heritage: This is Alec Reeves CBE (1902-1971) who, in 1937, invented the process by which any analogue signal such as a lightwave or soundwave could be converted to its digital (binary) representation. His invention underpins all modern communication & computing.

British engineers led by the now famous Tommy H Flowers of the GPO Telecommunications Research Dept who created the Colossus code breaking computer during the war developed the worlds first electronic solid state telephone exchange known as 'Highgate Wood Exchange' it was tried out on an experimental basis at Highgate, north London in 1962. During the 50's & 60's Flowers and his team invented many of the principles which underpin modern electronic network switching. The pioneering equipment was scrapped.

About Us

The Communications Museum Trust Ltd is a non-profit charitable company limited by guarantee. The board of directors (trustees) is elected each year by our members. Membership is open to any individual as well as organisations. The founders have extensive experience of working with various museums accross the UK with significant communications & computing exhibits who have come together to lay the future for telecoms history preservation in the UK recognising that there was a need for a more formal central body to co-ordinate the collections which are geographically dispersed and ensure that technical skills and knowledge to keep these exhibits working are not lost for future generations. We plan to register with the Charity Commission once our income goes above the minimum threshold which is required to be eligable for registered charity status. We are also working longer term towards Accredited Museum status.

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The trustees are:

Chris Wager


Enterprise Network & IT Engineer

Graham Bonson


Retired BT Exchange Engineer

Andrew Wood


ISP Network Engineer

Lynn Turner

Education Officer

School Governer, retired Primary School Teacher

In addition to the trustees the trust has a number of members from both technical and non-technical backgrounds who support our aims of preserving history and educating the future inventors and to whom the trustees are directly answerable.